Corporate Wellness

As a business, encourgaing a healthy lifestyle for your employees can lead to happier employees which leads

to increased mental clarty, better work performance and a more fulfulling work-life balance!

By incorporating healthy habits into the work day, your body will move and feel better!

Let's make a difference in your company and create a culture that prioritizes health and fitness!

Tiers of Services

Select a Tier that works best for your company


Purchase eBook For Staff


The "Move Well. Look Good. Feel Great!" ebook is the M.A.P program condensed into an easy to read guide to help spark change in the habits of your staff!


1 Day Event


We will come to your buisness and share healthy habits to your employees for them implement into their work day to ensure they are prioritizing their health!


*eBooks included


4-8 Week M.A.P Program


Get your staff signed up for an extended program covering a variety of health topics each day of the week. Includes weekly workouts, stretching regimens, nutrition information & much more!


*eBooks included

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