Mobility. Aesthetic. Performance.

Move Well. Look Good. Feel Great!

What is M.A.P?

M.A.P stands for mobility, aesthetic and performance. It focuses on the 3 main aspects our body wants and needs, which is the ability to move well, look good and feel great! M.A.P will guide you to just that!


With our M.A.P program, we focus on the areas of health and fitness the majority of us are lacking in and create tangible ways for our clients to implement behavioral changes into their daily lives!


Including tools such as:

- At home & at work mobility regimens

- Weekly workouts tailored to your schedule 

- Systems to help build muscle, burn fat, improve joint health and increase cardiovascular health

- Nutrition education and recipes

M.A.P Changed My Life!

"As a former football player, my body was worn down. Every joint ached and all of my muscles were extremely tight. As an athlete, we are taught to push through the pain but I realized if I wanted to feel better about myself as well as how I felt was going to have to make some changes!" - Javon Taylor


Javon built the M.A.P program to help others who were tired of feeling the way they do and wanted to make a change! By prioritizing mobility, your body will begin to move freely. By focusing on resisitanvce training you will achieve the aesthtic you desire. And by making the choice to perform daily movement, your body will thank you!


Make the decision to put yourself first and take a step towards a heathier and more fulfilling life!