Taylor'd Fit Newsletter

  • How To Build a Strong & Sexy Core!

    We have all fantasized about having a 6 pack or a slim midsection but there is so much more when it comes to your core than just tight abs! We are going to discuss how to build a strong and sexy core and the importance of it!
  • 3 Tips to Help Your Low Back Pain!

    Amongst my clients, low back pain is one of the most common issues I come across and a common thing amongst all who have it is they sit for work. Sitting too much can be extremely detrimental to our health because it affects our body in so many ways.


    Here are 3 ways to help support your low back and open up your body!



  • 3 Tips to Eating Healthier When Dining Out!

    You have been doing really great on your diet and are crushing it in the gym and then you get invited to go out to eat with friends or coworkers! I want to share 3 ways that will allow you to enjoy that meal with friends without the guilt from overeating!
  • "How To Prevent Getting Injured When Working Out!"

    I want to share with you how to properly warm up your body to ensure that the right muscles are activated to help relieve stiffness and support your body more effectively!