How To Build a Strong & Sexy Core!

We have all fantasized about having a 6 pack or a slim midsection but there is so much more when it comes to your core than just tight abs!

We are going to discuss how to build a strong and sexy core and the importance of it!

Layers of your midsection

There are 3 main sections of the core that all serve different purposes

  1. Rectus Abdominis/6 pack: These muscles are responsible for flexing your body forward. Essentially the crunching motion of a sit up
  2. Obliques: Responsible for rotation and twisting + bending side to side
  3. Transverse Abdominis/Deep Core: connect to your spine which help support your low back


What exercises to do

Here are the go-to exercises I perform for myself and my clients for the 3 areas of your core:

6 pack:
Cable Crunches
Butterfly Sit Ups
Banded Knee Tucks or Seated

Side Bends
L-Sit Twists
1 Arm Farmer Carry

Deep Core:
Dead Bugs
Bird Dogs


What exercises to do

How i program my ab exercises for my clients is by focusing on the purpose

Warmups: I focus on the Deep Core because it is responsible for supporting our back which is crucial when it comes to weight lifting

Superset with other exercises or Add at the end of your session: I pair 6 pack/oblique exercises when training other body parts or I finish the session off with them because these areas are more for aesthetic but also need to be trained like any other muscle

* The Deep core is the most important for stability whereas the 6 pack and obliques are more for aesthetic.


In order to have visible abs, you must have a low enough body fat percentage for the muscle to be seen.

Training your abs makes the muscle bigger and stronger but if we have higher levels of body fat, we must get that down before the hard work will be revealed!

To Lower Body Fat, you just be burning more calories than you are eating.

If you want assistance with finding out what your current body fat is and/or wanting to receive a meal plan, please check out your local Supplement Superstore. All Taylor'd Fit clients are sent there for regular check in!